Toad&Co Tendresse Hooded Dress Tyrian Purple photo #1
Toad&Co Tendresse Hooded Dress  photo #1

Toad&Co Tendresse Hooded Dress

Toad&Co Tendresse Hooded Dress
Product Description Beat the chills with the Toad&Co Tendresse Hooded Dress. It's the perfect blend of style and all-day comfort. Fashioned from organic cotton and recycled polyester, this dress offers a soft, smooth feel. This lightweight dress features long sleeves that keep your arms warm and let you move them freely. The button on the collar not only adds to the style, but also lets you clinch the fit. Thanks to the rib-knit cuff, this dress snugly hugs your wrist. The pockets provided can accommodate small essentials. Imported

Sizes: XS

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